The Property Department's mission includes four distinct areas of responsibility:

  • Data and paper management of Property Records
  • Bar-coding, recording, and permanent identification of new OCO purchases.
  • Accounting for, coordinating, scheduling, and performing an annual, centralized, automated inventory of University property located on all campuses and remote sites.
  • Coordinating and scheduling the disposal of all surplus University Property.

Bar-Coding and "Attractive" Items

 The current limit for bar-coding OCO assets is a threshold value of $5,000 or greater. However, there are many items that are susceptible to theft and considered attractive. The accountable department may want to identify these attractive items as property of Florida Atlantic University. While the Property Department does not track these items, we will provide asset labels for departmental use to perform this identification task. Also, the department may want to maintain appropriate records on these items. Such items for consideration would be video recorders, portable computing devices, optical devices, printers, video cameras, cameras, scanners, Ipads, external drives, musical instruments, and small scientific instruments and electronics.

Custodial Responsibility

The custodial responsibility for University Property is delegated to administrative heads of departments (Accountable Officers) to which property is assigned. The Property Department will assist in what ever ways possible to assist with this accountability. There are several Property Forms provided on this site to assist with the documentation of property records and transactions.


If you have questions relating to Property Management, please contact the Office at 561-297-2927, or e-mail Ilias Gyftopoulos at

 Last Modified 10/26/17