Payment Request Info

Instructions for Payment Request

Use this form if you need to pay the following:

  • Consultant who has not submitted an invoice.
  • Honorarium for a speech or one day lecture (if an employee, complete appointment form instead.)
  • Reimbursement to an FAU department from a Research Corporation grant.  The payee in this case would be FAU or vice versa).
  • If you are paying an employee for services rendered, DO NOT USE this form.  You must prepare an appointment form and pay the individual through the payroll system.
  • Payment Request Form - PDF
  • Any reimbursement for expenses other than travel < $5000

Instructions to Complete the Form

  • Payee's Full Name - Enter First and Last Name of Payee
  • Department Name - Enter the university department name.
  • Payee's Z number - from Banner
  • Address - Enter the Payee's complete address.  This form will be returned if this is not entered.
  • Z Number or Federal Employer I.D., No, - Please verify that this number is accurate.
  • Date - Enter date the form was completed.
  • Send Check To - Enter the name of the person to whom the check should be sent, if different than the Payee.
  • Accounting information - Enter the Index and Account Code that is paying this invoice.
  • Description - Description of the nature of the payment.
  • Amount - Amount to be paid.
  • Services Rendered and Amount - Enter a description and the cost of services rendered.
  • Authorized Signature/Title - This signature authorizes payment and will be verified by the Controller's Office.
  • Controllers Office Use Only - Will be completed by the Controller's Office.
  • Send the original copy to the Controller's Office after signatures have been obtained.  If you have comments or questions on completing the form, call Elzbieta Milosavljevic at 7-3108 or Jeffrey Moon at 7-4432 .

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