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Secured Online ACH/Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Florida Atlantic University has developed a secured online ACH/Direct Deposit Enrollment Form that will provide more efficiency in obtaining the banking information from our vendors and non-employees.

Some of the many benefits of this new process: 


  1. Departments will no longer receive sensitive banking information from the vendors or non-employees.
  2. Departments will have the access via a secured website to initiate the online form by submitting only the names and the email addresses of the vendors or non-employees.
  3. Vendors or non-employees receive the invitation to complete the ACH form via their email address. Once submitted, it comes directly to the Controller’s Office to be processed.
  4. Any FAU employee that has a MyFAU sign on can initiate the ACH form to the vendors or non-employees.


  IMPORTANT: It is the FAU department representative/employee who must initiate the process.  Please do not send the link ( ) directly to the vendor or non-employee.  The instructions below are for FAU’s use only.

Please follow the simple instructions for inviting the vendors and non-employees to complete the form:


  1. Go to:
  2. Log in with your MyFAU sign on information – FAUNet ID and Password
  3. Enter the vendor or non-employee name and email address
  4. Press Submit
  5. Once you press Submit, the vendor or non-employee whose email was entered will receive an email with a link for them to use to enter their banking information.


For questions regarding the new Secured Online ACH/Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, please contact Kathleen Tetreault at (561) 297-3122; .






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