Department of Comparative Studies


Students will have the opportunity to study with distinguished faculty from departments and programs in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters.


Executive Committee: 

Michael J. Horswell
Director, Comparative Studies Program
Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature

Alan Berger
Endowed Chair
Raddock Family Eminent Scholar Chair for Holocaust Studies
Jewish Studies

Nancy Poulson
Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature

Susan Love Brown
Department of Anthropology

Mark Scroggins
Department of English

Taylor Hagood 
Associate Professor 
Department of English

Karen Leader 
Assistant Professor 
Department of Visual Arts and Art History

Anthony Guneratne 
Associate Professor 
School of Communication and Multimedia Studies

Frédéric Conrod
Assistant Professor
Department of Languages, Linguistics & Comparative Literature


Faculty Affiliates:

Lynn Appleton, Department of Sociology
Farshad Araghi, Department of Sociology
Thomas S. Atkins, Department of Theatre and Dance
Prisca Augustyn, German Studies
Marina Banchetti, Department of Philosophy
Barclay Barrios, Department of English
Alan Berger, Jewish Studies
Eric Berlatsky, Department of English
Josephine Beoku-Betts, Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Steven Blakemore, Department of English
Géraldine Blattner, French Studies
Douglas C. Broadfield, Anthropology
Clarence L. Brooks Jr.
Clifford Brown
Sarah H. Brown
Susannah L. Brown
Oliver S. Buckton
Mary Cameron
Jane Caputi
Heather Coltman
Frederic Conrod
Graciella Cruz-Taura
James Cunningham
Raphael Dalleo
Patricia Darlington
Michaela DiCosola
Nannetta Durnell-Uwechuwe
Stephen D. Engle
Arthur S. Evans Jr.
Fred Fejes
Patricia P. Fleitas
Arlene Fradkin
Andrew Furman
Richard Gamble
Yolanda Gamboa
Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilín
Carol S. Gould
Anthony Guneratne
Taylor Hagood
Eric Hanne
Michael S. Harris
Clevis Headley
Michael J. Horswell
Joanne Jasin
Kenneth Keaton
Max Kirsch
Patricia A. Kollander
Gvozden M. Kopani
Patricia Liehr
Kristen Lindbeck
Susan Love Brown
Elena Machado
Noemi Marin
Thomas Martin
Brian E. McConnell
Carol McGuirk
Martha Mendoza
Becky Mulvaney
Marcella L. Munson
Sandra Norman
James Novak
Kevin Petrich
Susan Reilly
Mark Rose
Myriam Ruthenberg
Jason Schwartz
Christine Scodari
Richard M. Shusterman
Johnnie M. Stover
Timothy Walters
David C. Williams
Thomas C. Wilson


Resident visiting faculty have included the following:

Linda Martín Alcoff, Syracuse University, feminist philosopher
Gloria Anzaldúa, University of California Santa Cruz, Chicana writer
Susan Buck-Morss, Cornell University, art critic and social theorist
Randy Conner, University of California at Berkeley, queer theorist
Nawal El Saadawi, Cairo, Egypt, activist and novelist
Stanley Fish, University of Illinois, Chicago, scholar and theorist of literature and law
Anna Camaiti Hostert, La Sapienza University, literary scholar
Vincent Leitch, University of Oklahoma, literary and cultural theorist
Jane Shaw, Oxford theologian and Episcopalian priest
Dessima Williams, Brandeis University, Caribbean women’s rights advocate


Lecturers have included the following:

Anthony Appiah
Drucilla Cornell
Jeffrey Escoffier
Jack Goody
Christopher Hitchins 
Russell Jacoby 
Juliet Mitchell 
Val Plumwood
Jeremy Rifkin


There are also regular visits from leading environmentalists, bioethicists, journalists, political figures, novelists, poets and cultural critics.

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