Engagement in the Process of Annual Evaluations and P&T

As of the 2016-17 AY, community-based activities are included in the Faculty Academic Information Reporting (FAIR) system. To review the latest inclusions to FAU’s FAIR definitions, see:  FAIR Definitions 2016

Processes designed to collect and report community-based activities through Faculty Annual Evaluation, sponsored research submissions, undergraduate and graduate student research activities, and program assessment are being explored and are in various stages of implementation.  

The UFS Community Engagement Committee (UFS CE-C) is working to identify and explore practices utilized by other SUS and identified peer institutions in order to incorporate community-based activities into FAU’s P&T criteria and process. 

The UFS CE-C (comprised of a faculty representative from each of the nine academic colleges and the libraries) is also exploring other opportunities to encourage and reward faculty-generated engaged activities in order to enhance and expand the culture of engagement at FAU. 




 Last Modified 10/19/18