Learning Community Liaison Program





Fall 2016-Spring 2017 LCL Training is now in session! 




In order to be an LCL, you must be available every Tuesday from 4-4:50pm for Spring 2016 and every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-4:50pm during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters for activities & meetings.




What is the Learning Community Liaison Program?

LCLs are a group of past learning community students who volunteer their time to provide mentorship and peer support to freshmen who are entering the learning community program for the upcoming semester. The LC Liaisons are all alumni of one of FAU’s past Learning Communities; this is especially beneficial for major-based LC’s!
In addition, LC Liaisons provide support to students who are academically at-risk and to help those students have a better knowledge and awareness of on-campus resources, and the faculty and staff members who are willing to assist them.


Who are Learning Community Liaisons?                             

An FAU Learning Community Liaison (aka. LCL) is a student volunteer who provides support to students that are part of the learning community program. The LCLs work throughout the year to help Learning Community students have a better knowledge and awareness of on-campus resources and faculty and staff members who are willing to assist them.


  • Provide support and encouragement to FAU students,
  • Assist students with reading/study skills, writing skills, time management, and adjusting to college life, and
  • Form an important link between students and FAU, helping students utilize the many resources available from other campus programs and departments.

  Benefits of Becoming a Learning Community Liaison...

  • Help FAU freshmen become successful
  • Allows you to meet new people
  • Share experiences and offer support
  • An opportunity to work closely with other students and other FAU departments
  • Helps you gain an appreciation for diversity
  • Learn more about campus resources
  • Great resume builder!
  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • Earn hours that can be recorded in Noble Hour and appear on your academic transcript!
  • Another great benefit of the Learning Community Liaison Program is that is it is a 0-credit course. For every semester you are involved in the program the CLASS office will register you for this course and it will appear on your transcript.  Since it is 0-credit there are no fees associated with it.**


How do I become a Learning Community Liaison?

Applications are available for students that are interested in becoming a Learning Community Liaison! Applications to become an LCL are available during the spring semester each year.


How does my Learning Community get a Learning Community Liaison?

GREAT NEWS! We’re glad that you are interested in meeting up with a Learning Community Liaison! And what’s even better is that, as a Learning Community student, you already have a Learning Community Liaison assigned to you! Check out the list of current LC Liaisons & contact yours today!


Questions about the FAU Learning Community Liaison Program or the LCL application process should be directed to: Shelby Clinton, Coordinator for the Center for Learning And Student Success (CLASS) (561) 297-0906 or learningcommunity@fau.edu.


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