Education LC

This LC is for students considering majors within the College of Education and  planning to get teacher certification in Elementary Education, Exceptional Student Education, or Secondary Education.  The Education LC SLS Instructor excites students about teaching in the Education LC and even provides opportunities for students to get practical experience during their first-year of college! Students planning to teach at the secondary level (particularly in math or science) can substitute a higher level math or science course for the Life Science or Sociology course listed below.

        Education LC students typically register for the following courses for the fall semester:

  • English Composition I: ENC 1101 or English Composition II: ENC 1102 (3 credits)
  • Learning Strategies & Human Development: SLS 1503 (2 credits)
  • Learning Community Experience: SLS 1412 (0 credit)
  • Sociological Perspectives: SYG 1000 (3 credits)
  • Life Science with Lab: BSC 1005 (3 credits) 
  • Art Appreciation: ARH 2000 (3 credits) OR Music Appreciation: MUL 2010 (3 credits)

Click here to view a sample Education LC schedule.

Classes/Times/Days are subject to change.

** If you are a secondary education major, your math course will be dependent on your specialization.   
**If you will be taking a math course, you must have either taken a math course this fall or take the ALEKS Math Placement Test (
Please see your  Freshman Academic Advisor to confirm which math course is appropriate for your major and your skill level. Please note that if you do not earn a “C” or better in a current math course, you will be required to make changes to your schedule in consultation with your advisor.

 Last Modified 11/8/16