Criminal Justice & Public Safety LC

The Criminal Justice Learning Community is for students considering a major in criminology, criminal justice, law enforcement/corrections, fire-rescue, emergency, disaster management, and cyber-crime and security .
Students who are interested in going to law school are encouraged to join this LC. 

Criminal Justice & Public Safety LC students typically register for the following courses for the fall semester:

  • English Composition I: ENC 1101 or English Composition II: ENC 1102 (3 credits)
  • Learning Strategies & Human Development: SLS 1503 (2 credits)
  • Learning Community Experience: SLS 1412 (0 credit)
  • Life Science: BSC 1005 with Lab (3 credits)
  • Sociological Perspectives: SYG 1000 (3 credits)
  • A 3-credit Foundation of Creative Expressions class (either Art, Dance, OR Music Appreciation).

Click here to view a sample Criminal Justice & Public Safety LC schedule.

Classes/Times/Days are subject to change.


 Last Modified 11/8/16