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Learning Community Frequently Asked Questions:


General Questions:
1.     Why should I join a Learning Community at FAU?
Students in Learning Communities are happier with their FAU experience.  Data shows that LC students have higher GPAs, retention, persistence and graduation rates than students who are in the same major but not in a Learning Community.
2.     What is the difference between a Residential Learning Community (RLC) program and the Commuter Connections Learning Community (CCLC) program?
The RLC is the Learning Community program is ONLY for students who want to be in a learning community and who are living on-campus.  The assigned residence hall for this program is Glades Park Towers.
  The CCLC is the Learning Community program is ONLY for students who want to be in a learning community and who will be living off-campus and commuting from home.
  3.     Is there an extra cost to be a part of the LC program?
The Learning Community Program is FREE! There are no additional costs to participate in the program. RLC students will have the same tuition and housing fees as those not in the LC program and CCLC students will have the same tuition and fees as those not in the LC program.
  4.     When does the Learning Community (LC) application open?
The LC application is now open for students who will be living on-campus and participating in the RLC program. The CCLC application for students who will be commuting from home will open in March/April.
  5.     How do I apply for the Residential Learning Community (RLC) program?
The RLC application is located within the Housing Contract.  You must 1st fill out your Housing Contract and then fill out your RLC Application.  On the Housing Portal the RLC application is actually listed as LLC in the drop down menu.  You can reach the application at the end of the Housing Contract or if you have already completed your Housing Contract you can find it on the Application drop down menu at the top of the webpage.
  To find the FAU Housing Contract, log back into MyFAU, go to the Students' Tab, and click Housing Online on the left side of the screen. Then click the Applications Tab and select the 2016-2017 Freshman Boca Campus Contract.
  6.     How do I apply for the Commuting Connections Learning Community (CCLC) program?
The CCLC application will be available in March/April through the Onboarding process.  
  7.     How many students are in each LC?
The number of students in each LC can fluctuate between the specific LCs, but are typically between 20-24 students.
  8.     What is the application process to become a part of the LC program?
Once students have submitted a LC application either through the Housing contract or through OARS, their application will be reviewed and confirmed. The student(s) will receive a confirmation letter from the LC program outlining specific details within 7-10 business days of submitting the application.
  9.     How do I cancel my LC application if I signed up by mistake?
The LC program is a great program that has over 500 participants ever year, so we hope you reconsider cancelling. If you still would like to cancel your application, please notify the LC Staff IN WRITING to with your full name, Z number and your reason for cancelling the application, no later than June 15. No cancellations will be accepted after that date. Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you change your mind, you will lose your spot and be moved to the end of the list.
10.    How do I cancel my application if I am no longer attending FAU?
If for ANY reason you decide not to attend FAU for the Fall 2017 semester, you MUST contact the CLASS Office IN WRITING at, to officially withdraw you from the Learning Community program and your 2016 Learning Community course schedule. In addition you MUST contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (561.297.3040) to see what needs to be completed to withdraw your application/acceptance. If you are living on-campus, you MUST also contact the Department of Housing and Residential Education (561.297.2880) to see what needs to be completed to cancel your housing contract.
Not contacting the CLASS Office and the other departments listed above prior to the drop/add date of August 25, 2017 , will result in you being liable for tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses.
11.   How do I cancel my application if I am still planning to attend FAU?
Cancellation Policy for the RLC program:
  • Prior to June 15, 2017: In order to cancel your Learning Community program application you must notify the Center for Learning And Student Success IN WRITING at (include your name, Z#, and your reason for cancelling).
  • After June 15, 2017: No cancellations will be accepted after June 15, 2017.  After June 15 the only way to withdraw from the RLC program is if you are no longer attending Florida Atlantic University for the 2017-2018 academic year. 
  • Roommate requests will only be accepted until the priority RLC application deadline of May 1, 2017. Email with your request.  Requests are not guaranteed.
Room Change Policy:
    • The fall room change period occurs in early September.  RLC students who wish to change rooms at that time may only change rooms (pending availability) within the RLC program  housed within Glades Park Towers. All students must follow the formal room change policy in order to request a room change. No exceptions will be made.
    • Once a room assignment has been determined, no changes will be granted upon student request prior to the official room change period in early September.

Cancelations for CCLC:
  • Prior to June 15, 2017: In order to cancel your Learning Community program application you must notify the Center for Learning And Student Success IN WRITING at (include your name, Z#, and your reason for cancelling).
  • After June 15, 2017: No cancellations will be accepted after June 15, 2017.  After June 15 the only way to withdraw from the CCLC program is if you are no longer attending Florida Atlantic University for the 2017-2018 academic year.  
  12.   The application says that it is a year-long commitment. What does that mean?
A year-long commitment means that you will enjoy all of the benefits of being in an LC for the fall and spring semesters. For the fall, you will take a 2-credit SLS 1503 course that is geared towards teaching you success strategies centered on your major, as well as the 0-credit SLS 1412 course dedicated to social and academic engagement. In the Spring semester, you will continue to participate in the SLS 1412 course. Some communities like the Leadership RLC and CCLC may have additional requirements.
13.     Can I switch my LC to be in the same one as my friend(s)?
Depending on your major or interest, you and your friend(s) may sign up for the same LC, but the spots are not guaranteed. Once your LC has been assigned, switching is very limited and based on availability.
14.    What happens if I want to switch my LC before classes start?
This is taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.  You must contact the Learning Community staff at to inquire.
15.    If I am a Music or Architecture major, can I join an LC?
Due to the strict program structure, Music and Architecture majors are unable to join our LC program.
16.    Can I join an LC if I am in the Navitas program?
Navitas students are unable to join the LC program due to their program structure.
17.    Can I join an LC if I plan to be in the Honors Program or plan to attend the Honors College?
Due to the program structure, you have to choose to be in either the Learning Community program or the University Honors Program or Honors College. 
18.    How do I contact the LC program?
You can contact the LC Staff by emailing us at, calling us at 561.297.0906, or stopping by the Boca Raton Campus of FAU in GS-2, room 223.
Questions about LC Class Classes and Registration:
1.     What classes will I be taking as part of the Learning Community program?
All of the classes you take as part of your specific LC have been approved by academic advisors and will count towards the classes you need for your major (SLS 1503 will be 2 elective credits and SLS 1412 is 0-credit).  The LC schedules are created in March and will be posted on the Learning Community website as well as within OARS.
2.     When will I be registered for my LC classes?
You will be registered for your LC classes once all of your registration holds have been removed, you have completed OARS, registered for Orientation and completed the ALEKS math placement exam (if needed).  You can view their holds through the OWL DONE Student Onboarding Portal ( ) under FAU Self Service. Once in Self-Service, click on Student Services, then Student Records, and then view holds.
3.     Can I change my course schedule in the LC?
The LC schedule will allow some room for flexibility, but the courses that have been pre-selected cannot be changed unless you have received prior credit. You will be able to add an additional 1-2 courses to your schedule to give you a full-time academic schedule, which is a minimum of 12 credits.
4.     I already took a college success strategies course. Do I need to take it again?
That’s awesome that you’re already ahead of the game. Unfortunately, if you have previously taken AND passed a college success strategies course, you will be unable to participate in the LC program. You must contact the LC staff at to let them know.
5.     I already have credit for some of the courses (either from AP/IB/or previous college credit) on my LC schedule. Do I need to take them again?
If you have already received credit for some of the standard courses on your LC schedule, you will not have to repeat them IF you have passed the class according to what is needed for your major.
6.     What happens if I register for a class that conflicts with the day and the time of a class that is part of the LC I am participating in?
Please review the LC schedules prior to registering for your own classes.  If you register for a class at the same days and times as an LC class, you will be removed from the class you registered for and put into the class that is part of the LC. You will be notified to pick another class so you will still be registered for at least 12 credits.
7.     Who needs to take the ALEKS PPL math placement assessment for the LC program?
ALL Learning Community Students are required to take the ALEKS math placement exam. 
8.     How long is the ALEKS PPL math placement assessment score good for?
The ALEKS math placement exam score is only valid for 9 months.  If you plan to take a math class in Fall you can start taking the ALEKS math placement exam in March. For more information on the ALEKS exam visit:
10.    What is the difference between SLS 1412 and SLS 1503?
SLS 1412 is a 0-credit course where all students in the LC program have an opportunity to bond in a social and academic setting. Students have had an opportunity to get creative at our Tie-Dye and Ice Cream Social events as well as form study groups and work on projects together. The SLS 1503 course is a 2-credit course designed around the specific LC major or interest and taught by a FAU expert.
Students get a FREE class that gets recorded on their transcript that is graded on a Satisfactory “S” or Unsatisfactory “U” basis. Students attend events and activities to increase their involvement on-campus to enhance their overall success as a student.  Students will also have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and find out a little more about themselves in the process.
SLS 1412 is a class to make sure your get involved and connected to FAU!  It is a fun class, where you get to earn your grade how you want!  SLS 1412 is on your schedule as a class you need to attend every Tuesday at 4pm but you do not have to attend the class at this time.  There will a schedule available at the beginning of each semester informing you of the specific dates you actually need to attend. The rest of the class requirements can be met by attending activities or events that you are interested in and that you can attend at any time.
In the class, you will attend events in the following categories:
  • Engage (In the Community)
  • Explore (Self and Ideas)
  • Develop (Cultural Competence)
  • Strengthen (Academic Skills)
Questions about Specific LCs:
  1.     Who can join the Direct-Admit Nursing LC?
The only students that can participate in the Direct-Admit Nursing LC are students who have been formally admitted to FAU’s College of Nursing Direct Admit program. If you are hoping to attend FAU as a Nursing major and have NOT been admitted to the College of Nursing, you will not be able to participate.
2.     If I am admitted to the Direct-Admit Nursing LC as part of the Direct-Admit Nursing program and I am living on-campus, where will I be living?
Yes, as part of this program, the only Residential Hall available to live in is Glades Park Towers.  You will have the benefit of having the Get Wise Center in your own lobby for tutoring and other academic support.  In addition, you will be more focused and able to have your fellow classmates within feet of you! 
3.     My SAT/ACT scores have not come in yet, can I still join the Pre-Health LC?
You will be accepted to the Pre-Health LC on a preliminary basis. If your scores come in and you have not meet the minimum requirements, you will be placed in another LC that best fits your needs if space is available.
4.     If I have a 1099 on my math and verbal SAT scores, can I still join the Pre-Health LC?
Due to the limited availability in the Pre-Health LC and the rigors of the program, we are unable to accept any math and verbal combined SAT scores lower than 1100. If you took the ACT and scored 24 or higher, you would be able to count that score instead.
5.     Can I still be a Pre-Health major if my score is not high enough to get into the LC?
YES! You can join the Science LC and take the classes needed to be a Pre-Health major.
6.     What do I do if I don’t meet the minimum ALEKs score to join the Engineering or Pre-Health LCs?
These programs are very rigorous and you need to start out with at least College Algebra. You need to score at least a 30 on ALEKS to be accepted and placed into College Algebra.  You can retake the ALEKS until you meet the minimum score to join these LCs. If you are an Engineering major and did not score a 30 after retaking ALEKS, you can still be an Engineering major but you cannot be part of the LC program. If you are a Pre-Health major and could not score at least a 30, you will be placed in the Science LC if there is availability. Make sure to visit the Math Learning Center to improve your math skills!
7.     If I start my freshman year as undecided and declare my major in the middle of the semester, do I still stay in the Explore LC?
That will be an awesome day when you declare your major! You will still stay in the Explore LC as it is taught by staff from the Career Development Center that will still be used as valuable resources as you navigate your way through your new major.
8.      Can students in any major join the Interdisciplinary Learning Communities (Leadership and Healthy Owls)?
Any major but Engineering, Music and Architecture can join these communities and the LC Staff will cater your classes to your specific major.
Questions Relating to Housing/Residential Education for the RLC program:
1.     Can I still be roommates with my friend if they are not in the LC program?
We strongly encourage you to get your friend to participate in the LC program. If they choose not to, unfortunately, you will not be able to be roommates but you could potentially live in the same building.
2.     How do I request roommates/suitemates if we will be part of Residential Learning Community program?
Both/All of you will need to send an email to from your FAU email addresses and include everyone’s names involved.  For instance, if 2 people want to room together, the LC staff will need 2 separate emails from each persons’ account stating who they requesting to room with.  Roommate requests are not guaranteed.
3.     I want to live in HPT or Parliament. Can I still be in the LC program?
Our LC program is housed in the freshman residence hall, Glades Park Tower (GPT). If you would like to participate in the LC program, you will need to reside in GPT along with the other students in your specific LC.
4.     I filled out a Housing Contract. Do I have to fill out something additional to join an LC?
Congratulations, you are half way there! Once you fill out your housing contract, you will need to fill out the Residential Learning Community (LLC) application as well which can be found under your housing contract on the website.
5.     What can I do if I do not want to room with the person assigned to me in an LC?
We understand that not everyone will become fast friends right away, so we will take each circumstance under special consideration.  You must go through the protocol set-up by housing if this is the case.
6.     Can I live in a single room and still participate in the LC program?
Single rooms as part of the Residential Learning Community program are extremely limited.  Most students will be placed in a double room regardless of application date. Please check the FAU Housing website for room rates.
7.     How is housing assigned for students in the LC program?
Room preference is based on your RLC application date.  You will be notified of your room assignment in May if you applied to the RLC prior to May 1st.  If you applied to the RLC program after May 1st, you will be notified of your room assignment after June 1st.
8.     When is move-in day for RLC students for Fall 2017?
RLC students get to move into Glades Park Towers at FAU for Fall 2017 semester 1 day earlier than the rest of the incoming Freshmen!  RLC students move in on Wednesday, August 16th in the morning.  Exact times are still being determined. RLC students will participate in an exciting 1.5 days of activities and events before all of the rest of the students move into FAU! More details to come!

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