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Spring 2015 Registration:


The Spring 2015 Registration Form is no longer available.


View the Spring 2015 Registration Workshop Presentation


Here is the information you need to know as of now: I know it looks like a lot but please read it ALL!


You MUST make an appointment to see your advisor prior to registering for the Spring 2015 semester!


ALL LC Classes are OPTIONAL Except for SLS 1412 (Tuesdays at 4pm)

  • What that means is that you can choose 1 class, 2 classes, 3 classes, all your classes or you don’t have to choose any! The only class you are required to take is SLS 1412 on Tuesdays at 4pm.
  • If you want to register for classes through the CLASS office, you will select the classes on the LC registration form (this form will be out in October).  
  • This is a good option if several of you from the same community want to stay together in some of your classes for the next semester or if you want to take classes with a student from another community!
  • Once you fill out the form (which will be due by 5pm on October 17th), we will reserve ONLY the seats in the classes that are listed on the form.
  • We will only register you for the classes on the form plus SLS 1412!
  • You must have 12-15 credits to be a full time student.  Make sure that if you only choose 1 or 2 classes through the LC registration form, you register for the other classes on your own! Classes can be found online under the Course Schedule.
  • Freshman registration opens at 12:00am (midnight) on November 7th. The CLASS staff will be registering you ONLY for SLS 1412 and the classes you chose on the LC registration Form starting at 8am on that day.
  • If you are registering yourself for classes, you need to make sure that thecourses that you are self-registering for do not conflict with the LC courses you select on the LC registration form. ***This excludes SLS 1412 – any student who is registered for a course Tuesday at 4 pm that is not SLS 1412, will be dropped from that course and enrolled into SLS 1412.
  • If you register yourself for Spring 2015 course(s) that conflict with the LC courses that you selected on the LC registration form, the CLASS team will not be able to register you for those LC courses that conflict.
  • If you are selecting courses on the LC Registration Form, make sure those classes do not conflict with each other as well!



  • Holds MUST BE cleared by 8am on Monday, November 3, 2014 in order for CLASS staff to register you for the classes you chose on the LC registration form.
  • If you have a hold on November 7th, when we go into the system at 8am, you WILL NOT be registered for the classes you chose on the form and you will need to register yourself for ALL your courses.
  • We release ALL the seats back to the general university population by 12pm.


SLS 1412: Tuesdays at 4pm:

  • You will be automatically registered for your Learning Community’s section of SLS 1412: The LC Experience by the CLASS Office. Additionally, if for any reason you drop the SLS 1412 course, you will be re-enrolled into the course on Monday, January 12, 2015 after the final day of drop/add and will then be responsible for any late enrollment fees that incur.


ALEKS Math Placement Exam:

  • If you have not yet taken a math course and plan to do so in the spring, you must take the ALEKS math placement exam before registering for any math class. This must be done by November 1st in order to register for a math class on November 7th .
  • If you took the ALEKS prior to July 15 and did not take a math class during the Fall 2014 semester, you must RETAKE ALEKS in order to register for a math class in the Spring. For more information visit,  


We will be going over all this information in the registration workshops that will be held during your SLS 1412 class on September 16, 23 or 30.

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