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The Center primary mission is to produce applied solutions for the continuous movement of people and commerce throughout America and the world. The Center creates national and international models for Homeland Security protecting the public, the American public/commercial transportation systems, enhance economic development and recovery and environmental protection strategies.  Additionally, connectivity between the public and private transportation systems of people and goods need to have a sharing platform to truly achieve an integrated intermodal transportation system.


The Center works with leading research specialists and transportation experts in all facets of intermodal transportation to safety and security related issues.  These services include creating sophisticated and detailed 3 and 4-D simulations, model approaches, and real scenarios.  The Center also designs and delivers high quality, affordable, and timely contract services, training programs and new proposals for local, state, and national solutions for the intermodal transportation industry and government agencies.


Washington DC Metro Training Scenario


Our Resources Center prides itself on being interactive for the sharing of best practices, manuals, data collections, and valuable links.  Government and industry across all aspects of transportation safety and security share solutions through bulletin boards, online scheduled chats and webinars spanning across the nation.  Thee primary modes include airports, rail, ports, buses, and motor carrier.  The Center is committed to the linking of all intermodal transportation systems within the framework of local, state and national agencies. 


Visual Simulation of Port Everglades


Finally, the Center remains committed to easing city and state traffic related issues associated with dense populations through new and innovative planning.  The planning strategies reduce accidents, the number of vehicles on the road at the same time, new evacuation routes, and safety solutions in the event of natural and manmade disasters.


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