The Center for Intermodal Transportation Safety and Security (CITSS) has a service mission to provide world class transportation safety and security related solutions for American industry and government. CITSS will provide professional services and training services to the commercial and public transportation sectors.  This Center uses the finest subject matter experts in delivering professional quality, affordable and timely services and training.

Available Services:

  • Customized simulation, modeling and scenarios for training, evacuation and anti-terrorism/disaster recovery solutions
  • Design, revise and test Continuance of Operations plans
  • Emergency site evacuation planning and traffic impact  analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment and training for cargo theft prevention and anti-terrorism
  • GPS Based Cargo Tracking Systems for anti-terrorism and cargo theft prevention

  • Environmental Impact Analysis for Intermodal Transportation
  • Economic Impact Analysis for Intermodal Transportation
  • Simulation, modeling and scenarios for economic and environmental impact studies and public education
  • Revise and Test Continuance of Operations Plans for City and County Government
  • Simulation, modeling and scenarios for the intermodal transport of spent fuel roods from nuclear power plants to the Yucca Mountain depository
  • Simulation, modeling and scenarios of hurricane storm surges on specific locations such as barrier islands
  • Hosting conferences, seminars and webinars for intermodal transportation safety and security
  • Simulation, modeling and scenarios for emergency evacuation of large event venues, including stadiums and civic centers

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