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eDesign: Course Development

Instructional Design Consultation

Center for eLearning supports faculty members interested in working with an instructional designer (ID) to develop an online course. In this program, faculty members serve as subject matter experts (SME). The SME’s role is to meet with an instructional designer on a weekly basis to provide content knowledge, course materials, lecture notes, and other course-related resources. The purpose of this program is to develop a fully-online course that meets the highest national standards for online teaching guided by the Quality Matters rubric.

Incentive programs and stipends are offered to full-time faculty for participation in online course-building efforts.

The incentives are:

  • a $2,000 stipend when the course is completely developed and peer approved, and taught
  • funding of an adjunct using the current departmental adjunct rate to be provided for one course during the semester the participant is in the program, or the equivalent will be paid as a stipend to the participant.

Proposals for the program must be signed by the candidate’s college dean, department chair/program director, and the candidate. The proposal must be approved by the Director of eLearning. Any changes in the proposal must be resubmitted for approval. Updates on the course development process will be sent to the department chair/program director periodically throughout the semester.

Course Development Deadlines

  • For courses launching Spring 2015 - Proposals must be in by September 30, 2014 
  • For courses launching Summer 2015 - Proposals must be in by February 27, 2015
  • For courses launching Fall 2015 - Proposals must be in by May 29, 2015


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