College for Design and Social Inquiry

Florida Atlantic University

Becoming a Student Again

We here in College for Design and Social Inquiry realize that whether you are a returning student or a new student the university can become overwhelming and confusing in the beginning. Please use the following tips and suggestions to assist you in your success at FAU.

1 First, do you know what degree you are interested in pursuing?

If you are at the College website you most likely have chosen your future career. However, if you are still unsure it would be good idea for you to do some research to decide what you want. This research can be done through; the internet, try taking classes at FAU and visit the FAU Career Center.

2 Find out who your academic advisor is.

Your academic advisor is the person who can help you determine the courses that you will need to take to get your degree. You should meet your academic advisor in your first semester to get a copy of your program sheet.

3Know who your Program Coordinator or Faculty Advisor is.

Your Faculty Advisor (undergraduate students) or Program Coordinator (graduate students) is the person who can help you decide on electives and direction within your major.