Here at the FAU Career Center, we care about how our students and alumni are navigating the job search process. A lot of questions can arise during this process, so we have provided these online workshops to give you some tips that can be accessed whenever you may need it, at your own convenience. Have more questions after viewing our workshops?  Stop by our office during Same-Day Career Advising every Monday thru Thursday from 1 – 4 p.m. to get your questions answered. Or call 561-297-3533  to schedule an appointment with a career advisor.


Developing an Effective Resume

Resume and cover letter need some updating? Let us help! This workshop will help increase your understanding of how your resume and cover letter are used in the job search process and make sure they target your career goals. Learn how to compose a resume that reflects your greatest strengths and talents and explore different resume formats. By the end of this workshop your resume will say, "Interview me!" 


How to Best Prepare for an Interview

Interviews can be scary. Especially when they include questions like the dreaded “Tell me about yourself." Learn how to prepare for and conduct interviews that get the job offer! This workshop addresses general preparation, researching companies, what to expect, and answering behavior-based and other tough, important interview questions.


Negotiating Your Compensation Package (Salary Negotiations)

Congratulations, you’ve been offered the job! But how do you get the salary and benefits you want? This workshop will address that question and more. What is the employer concerned about? How do I decide between several job offers? How much time do I have to decide? When should I ask about salary? What if I change my mind? Learn how to tackle these questions so that you may keep options open, maintain your integrity and start on the path to professional and financial success! 


Conducting an Effective Job Search

Students with questions about how to find internships and jobs: look no further! This workshop will answer all your questions about how to start the process of looking and finding part-time or full-time jobs and internships. Leave with specific steps on how to decide what to look for, where and when to job search, and who to talk with. Get started on your job search with confidence! 


Live Career Workshops


In addition to our online career workshops, the Career Center offers workshops for students, and graduate students in our classroom located in the Student Support Services building room 220.  All are open to all FAU students unless otherwise noted. For a listing of when these workshops will be offered, please visit the  calendar of events .


Applying to Graduate School    
This workshop will provide an overview of the application process for graduate and professional schools including: issues to consider prior to applying, determining which schools to apply to, and the typical components of an application.


Creating Your Personal Brand via Social Networking & Campus Resources    
Students will have the opportunity to learn about how they can utilize campus resources and social media to enhance or refine their employable personal brand.


Career Day 101 (Fall & Spring)    
This event is held every Fall and Spring semester prior to and in preparation for Career Day. This workshop includes strategies on how to prepare for a job fair, what to bring to the event, how to access Career Events in OWL CareerLink, network with employers and tips on dressing for success.


Choosing a Major    
Choosing a major is an exploration process that involves conducting a self-assessment and world-of-work research. This workshop can help students understand that process. It is meant for students who are having a difficult time choosing a major or are unsatisfied with their current major and would like to learn the process of a deciding a different major.


Components of the Academic Application  *    
The workshop provides an overview of the common components of higher education applications: cover letters, teaching portfolios, statements of research interests, and dissertation abstracts. 
 * This workshop is for Graduate/Phd. students only.


This workshop will provide you an overview of the Co-op program and how to apply for Co-op.  In the workshop you will receive an application and instructions on how to complete the application process.


CV Writing  *    
If you are applying for a faculty, teaching, research, or postdoctoral position, most likely you will be asked to submit a CV. Learn how to design and tailor your CV for particular positions and institutions. 
  * This workshop is for Graduate/Phd. students only.   


How to Write a Personal Statement    
Your graduate school application consists of several components, but none can be more stressful than your personal statement. Attend this workshop if you are in need of tips to help you start this important component.


Learn How To Market your International Experience    
Study abroad - Intern abroad - Volunteer abroad. If you participated in one of these experiences and hope to highlight it on your resume then this resume writing workshop is for you. Learn how to feature your experience via resume as well as be able verbalize the value of your abroad experience. Students will learn formatting options, content suggestions, tips for crafting a professional resume and suggestions for discussing the skills learned through your abroad experience.


Navigating the Academic Job Search  *    
Learn about a career in academia including: various types of higher education institutions, faculty employment & salaries, career requirements & expectations, and how to begin your search. 
  * This workshop is for Graduate students only.    

Navigating the Non-Academic Job Search  *    
Learn how to find employment opportunities outside of higher education and how to market your Masters or Ph.D. degree and your transferable skills to employers. 
 * This workshop is for Graduate students only.


On-Campus Recruiting    
Have you participated in FAU’s on-campus interviewing program? Attend an on-campus recruiting workshop to learn how to identify, apply to, and select interview times for these full-time employment positions through the OWL CareerLink (formerly Interfase). You don’t want to miss these opportunities! (This program is only open to seniors and alumni within one year of graduation.)


Social Media & Your Job Search    
Social media is not just for keeping in touch with friends and family. This workshop will provide you with some "do's" and "don'ts" on social media and how to use it for your job search.