Major KnOWLedge


Are you unsure about what you want to major in? Or do you have a major, but are not certain if it is the right choice for you? Or do you have a major in mind but don’t know how it translates into a career? You are not alone in feeling undecided about this important decision; more than half of all college students aren't sure either!


With so many possibilities available and a lifetime of work ahead, the Career Development Center encourages all students to invest time in planning their academic and career success. This is why we recommend that students start the career planning process by completing Major KnOWLedge.


Major KnOWLedge is an online resource developed by career counselors at the Career Development Center that helps FAU students identify personal interests and their relationships to FAU majors as well as occupations.


As an FAU student, you will have access to this wonderful resource 24/7. By completing the Major KnOWLedge program you will be one step closer to deciding on a major and/or career!