Co-ops/Internships are assignments that provide meaningful work experience for FAU students, while fulfilling your employment needs. It is a three-way partnership among the student, the employer, and the Career Center. The Co-op/Internship Program serves as an invaluable career development tool. As part of their academic careers, Co-op/Internship students can alternate or combine their university education program time with on-the-job experiences directly related to their academic majors in business, industry, or governmental organizations. Co-op/Internship students may earn a salary and may be eligible to receive academic credit pending departmental approval. The student must be supervised on site, in person, in an office/organization location. Students may not work remotely.

Benefits of Co-ops/Internships to Employers

  • Provides name recognition to students, faculty, and the community
  • Co-op/Internship students are ready to learn, knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic
  • Beneficial savings on salary and benefits
  • Cost-effective recruiting
  • Time to evaluate students as prospective employees
  • Opportunity to shape the education process of students

How Does an Employer Participate?

As an employer interested in participating in FAU's Co-op/Internship Program, we require you to complete a profile in our OWL CareerLink database and signify that you agree to the Co-op/Internship Program Agreement. Once your company profile is approved you may post the position(s) you would like to offer through the Co-op/Internship Program. Positions must last the duration of a semester and students must work at least 15 hours a week. When an offer of employment is accepted by a student, please contact Jennifer Blythe at

Required Steps for Employers to Participate in FAU's Co-op/Internship Program:

  1. Login to the Employer OWL CareerLink portal to build your account and/or post your Co-op/Internship position. Please allow up to three business days for your account/posting to be approved. Please note that for positions to be approved for the Co-op/Internship Program they must span at least 13 weeks during the spring or fall semester (10 weeks in the summer) and the student must work a minimum of 15 hours a week. Employers must also signify "Yes, I Agree" to the Co-op/Internship Program Agreement found in their OWL CareerLink profiles:

    1. Set up a New Account
      New accounts take about 72 hours to process. You will get an email with further instructions once processed. Once your account is approved you can then log into your profile and post your position. (Please see the instructions below to post the job.)
    2. Log into an Existing Account
      Existing employer account:
      • Log in with your username and password
      • Select "My Jobs & Internships" at the top of the menu bar and click "New Job"
      • Complete the fields
      • Select the "Save" button
      • Allow us 72 hours to approve the position
  2. Once you receive confirmation that your Co-op/Internship job posting is approved you can click on "Student Search" on the menu bar to search for students.

  3. You can search for students by: expected graduation date, majors, applicant type, class standing, degree, citizenship, and job target (the more criteria you select, the fewer results you will get).

  4. Once you complete your search, you can create a resume package.

  5. The resume package will be emailed to you in PDF format.

  6. After you review the resumes, you can select your candidate(s) from the search and contact them by email or phone to set up an interview.

  7. If you are planning to hire an International Student, an I-20 form must be approved before he/she can start work.

  8. Once a student accepts your job offer, please contact Jennifer Blythe at (561) 297-3520 or email at to complete the Co-op/Internship Program process. An offer letter outlining the students position will be required.

  9. If after a student accepts your job offer, any issues arise, please contact the Career Center as soon as possible so that we can address the situation.