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Workshop Calendar and Payments

The CCEW develops and hosts workshops in conjunction with certified writing consultants and trained professionals in a variety of disciplines and fields. These theme-based workshops cover a wide array of topics, including subjects such as college preparedness, resume writing, writing essays to accompany college applications, improving business writing in the workplace, editing and revision tips, grammatical and stylistic concerns and creative writing. Workshops may be registered and paid for directly online on our secure Marketplace Ustore website with the link below. Or you can click on the calendar event and click the direct payment link to the workshop there.  Please remember to visit our workshop Policies page.

Workshop Calendar:

Resume Writing Workshops are held the first two Saturdays of each month at the FAU CCEW office on the Boca Raton campus.  The cost is $65 for two 90-minute sessions held on Saturdays. Call the office for details.

Business Writing Workshops are scheduled on an individual basis. The CCEW business writing workshops are completely customizable and flexible.  There are two phases in the business workshop process: 1) A needs assessment review of written communications with accompanying interviews to determine what areas you want to improve, and; 2) Then, customized workshops (content, hours, and frequency) are designed that meet your business' goals. The assessment can be separate or packaged with the workshops. Costs are based on assessment time and the length of workshops.
For more information, contact Chuck Epstein, FAU CCEW Coordinator, at 253-226-6339 epstein.c@fau.edu, or visit our website at www.fau.edu/ccew.

Pay for upcoming workshops:

Spanish River High School: September 26th and Oct 3rd



Looking for a workshop, but don't see it here? Contact us to request a workshop.

If you are interested in co-developing a workshop with the CCEW, please visit the link Partnering with the CCEW.

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