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Workshop Policies 

Expectations of Workshop Participants

1.  Workshop participants are expected to respect and obey all regulations and policies of the University and all local, state, and federal laws. They are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies respect for others.   

2. For workshops held at the University, all workshop participants must pay for parking either by using metered spaces, or by purchasing a parking permit from the Parking and Transportation website. In order to secure parking, which at times may be difficult, registrants are encouraged to arrive on campus half an hour prior to the starting time. Finding parking can be especially challenging during weekdays.

3. Ideally, workshop participants should arrive ten minutes before the scheduled start time of the workshop. Participants will be expected to sign in at the door, as well as show their proof of purchase (the workshop registration confirmation email) to the workshop instructor.

4. Participants should bring all necessary materials to each workshop. These materials will be listed in the workshop description.

5. At the end of each workshop, participants will be given a satisfaction survey. Participants are encouraged to complete this survey, as it will allow the CCEW to improve services in the future.

6. Workshop costs are determined by the length and number of days of each workshop.  Below please find the typical workshop rates for workshops led by our trained writing consultants.  Workshop rates may vary depending on the amount of preparation time, need for specialized knowledge, who presents, and challenges presented by workplace workshops.


One hour
Two hour
1-day workshop
2-day workshop
3-day workshop
4-day workshop
6-day  Workshop
7-day  Workshop
8-day  Workshop


Late Arrival Policy

Please do your best not to be late.  Late arrivals disrupt both the speaker and the workshop for other participants.  If you arrive late, please do not expect the workshop leader to catch you up.  


Cancellation Policy / Refunds

Registrants unable to attend should contact the CCEW management team at least one week prior to the workshop; in such cases, full refunds will be issued. After this time period, payments are non-refundable. However, in the event of a last-minute emergency cancellation, the registrant may choose to transfer to another workshop or workshop series (of an equal or lesser value), provided one is available. No refunds for the parking fee will be given. Refunds will not be issued for the reason of “not receiving a confirmation.” If a Registrant has not received a confirmation before the workshop begins, he/she should email the CCEW.


What happens if the CCEW cancels a workshop, or changes the instructor? 

1) If the CCEW is unable to provide any services during the designated workshop date and time due to illness or for any other reason outside of the CCEW’s control, the CCEW will give (or will ensure that each relevant instructor shall give) as much notice to the registrant as is reasonably possible. In the event of a cancelled workshop, the registrant will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to transfer to a similar workshop, provided space is available. 

2) The CCEW reserves the right to cancel any offering, or substitute an instructor for administrative reasons. The registrant will be informed about any schedule changes by email. 


 Last Modified 2/2/18