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How Much Does a Writing Consultation Cost?
The CCEW offers both single sessions and competitively priced packages offered at a reduced hourly rate. For any package, you may elect to participate in a diagnostic process to help identify areas of strengths and weakness, establish a development plan, and provide mid- and final-consultation improvement reports. If you are only interested in individual consulting, you may purchase any plan without the diagnostic in-take as well.

 Please refer to the prices below for more information, and review our "Consulting Services Agreement" before scheduling an appointment.


(Click on the desired session or package to purchase it on our Marketplace website)

Diagnostic In-Take Consultation
       • $100 for a diagnostic in-take consultation 

Individual Session
       • $65 for one, 55-minute consultation (special rates for college entrance essays are available)

Package Rates
       • $130 for a two-visit package ($65 per hour)
       • $325 for a five-visit package ($65 per hour)
       • $650 for a ten-visit package ($65 per hour)
       • $1,300 for a twenty-visit package ($65 per hour)

Rates do not include the price for parking on campus. Please visit "Directions/Parking" for more details.


Should I purchase a single session or a package?
Consultation packages are most appropriate for clients who would like to improve their writing over time, or who need help with lengthier writing projects. Typically, consultations occur once, twice, or three times a week for a fifty five minute interval. If you only require occasional assistance with your writing project, single sessions may be more suitable for you.

 Last Modified 2/2/18