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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
    1. Where is the CCEW located?
    2. When is the CCEW open?
    3. Who works for the CCEW?

Writing Consultations
    4. What is a CCEW writing consultation?
    5. Who is eligible to receive services from the CCEW?
    6. How much does a writing consultation cost? 
    7. Should I purchase a single session or a package?
    8. How do I schedule an appointment?
    9.  What should I bring to a writing consultation? 

    10.  How much do workshops cost?
    11. How do I register for a workshop?
    12. What is the difference between a typical workshop and a special topic workshop?
    13. Are currently enrolled FAU students allowed to participate in workshops?


General Information
1. Where is the CCEW located?
The center is located on the second floor of the General Classroom South (GS) building on the Boca Raton campus. The main office is in room GS215F.  
2. When is the CCEW open?
The CCEW is open from Monday through Thursday from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5 pm. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time, as all appointments must be scheduled in advance to ensure that a consultant and a front desk assistant are on staff. 
3.  Who works for the CCEW?
The CCEW's certified writing consultants have extensive teaching and tutoring experience at the college and graduate levels, as well as have formerly completed training with FAU's University Center of Excellence in Writing (UCEW). Workshop instructors include CCEW writing consultants, adjunct professors, and distinguished business professionals.
Writing Consultations
4. What is a CCEW Writing Consultation?
The CCEW's fifty-five minute, one-on-one, individualized writing consultations are developed to assist clients with a wide array of writing tasks and related skills. By administering a set of diagnostics during an initial diagnostic in-take consultation, and monitoring skill development through frequent progress reports, the CCEW will help clients systematically track their growth, so they may excel in their academic and professional endeavors.

During a 55 minute , one-on-one session, consultants may help clients:

  • unpack difficult readings
  • understand writing tasks/assignments
  • generate and clarify ideas
  • flesh out weak or biased arguments
  • understand documentation and citation practices
  • follow task-appropriate format
  • develop strategies for identifying patterns of error that can be tracked and proofread for conformity to American academic English
  • strengthen critical thinking/analytical skills
  • provide expert perspectives for creative, academic, or professional projects (including job applications, applications for graduate school, articles for publication, grant proposals, scholarship applications, technical or professional documents, and other projects)

5. Who is Eligible to Receive Consulting Services from the CCEW?
To be eligible to receive consulting services from the CCEW, you may not be currently qualified to receive consulting services from FAU's University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW). FAU full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and visiting scholars may receive services from the UCEW. If you are currently a member of the FAU community and are looking for writing assistance, please visit the UCEW homepage.

6. How Much Does a Writing Consultation Cost?
Our prices range from $60-$85 for each 55 minute consulting session, depending on which package is selected. For more information, please refer to our "Rates" page.

7. Should I purchase a single session or a package
Consultation packages are most appropriate for clients who would like to improve their writing over time, or whom need help with lengthier writing projects. Typically, consultations occur once, twice, or three times a week for a fifty five minute interval. If you only require occasional assistance with your writing project, single sessions may be more suitable for you.

8. How do I Schedule an Appointment?
All payments for CCEW services must be paid in full, in advance, on our secure FAU Marketplace website. All payments are processed online. Only credit card purchases are accepted. Additional sessions and packages may be purchased in the same manner. Clients are not to pay the director, manager, or the consultants directly. Clients should address all billing questions to the manager. For specific instructions on how to purchase single sessions and packages, please visit the "Scheduling" page.

Please do not purchase a session or package on the Marketplace website without speaking to the manager, as we cannot guarantee you a particular appointment time before we have matched you with an appropriate consultant.

9. What Should I Bring to a Writing Consultation?
Please bring all writing tasks, homework, books and supplies (i.e., paper, note cards, binder, etc.), and USBs (or other storage devices) to each session. While designated laptops will be available during the consultation, you are also encouraged to bring your laptop, if you have one.



10. How much do workshops cost? 
Typically, workshops cost $30 per workshop hour. However, prices may vary. Please consult the workshop calendar for specific information about workshop rates and fees.

11. How do I register for a workshop?
Registering for a workshop is easy! Please visit the workshop calendar, and click on the register link next to the workshop you would like to attend. The site will redirect you to our secure Marketplace website, which will allow you to register for the workshop and make your purchase. 

12. What is the difference between a standard workshop and a special topic workshop?
Typically, a standard workshop is hosted by one of our CCEW consultants. A special topic workshop is generally prepared by a business owner or professional in the field from outside of the FAU community, who has partnered with the CCEW to share his or her expertise. 

13. Are currently enrolled FAU students allowed to participate in workshops?
Yes! FAU students may pay a small fee ($5.00) to participate in special topic workshops that are not currently offered by the UCEW. 




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