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Writing Consultations


What is a CCEW Writing Consultation?

The CCEW's fifty-five minute, one-on-one, individualized writing consultations are developed to assist clients with a wide array of writing tasks and related skills. By administering a set of diagnostics during an initial in-take consultation, and monitoring skill development through frequent progress reports, the CCEW will help clients systematically track their growth so they may excel in their academic and professional endeavors. 

During 55 minute, one-on-one session, consultants may help clients:
  • unpack difficult readings
  • understand writing tasks/assignments
  • generate and clarify ideas
  • flesh out weak or biased arguments
  • understand documentation and citation practices
  • follow task-appropriate format
  • develop strategies for identifying patterns of error that can be tracked and proofread for conformity to American academic English
  • strengthen critical thinking/analytical skills
  • provide expert perspectives for creative, academic, or professional projects (including job applications, applications for graduate school, articles for publication, grant proposals, scholarship     applications, technical or professional documents, and other projects)

The CCEW offers both in-person and online appointments

Who is Eligible to Receive Consulting Services from the CCEW?

Anyone who is not currently eligible for FAU's University Center for Excellence in Writing (UCEW) consulting services is eligible for CCEW services. FAU full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and visiting scholars may receive services from the UCEW. If you are currently a member of the FAU community and are looking for writing assistance, please visit the UCEW homepage.

 What Should I Bring to a Writing Consultation?

Please bring all writing tasks, homework, books and supplies (i.e., paper, note cards, binder, etc.), and USBs (or other storage devices) to each session. While designated laptops will be available during the consultation, you are also encouraged to bring your laptop, if you have one.

 Last Modified 1/29/18