Music (AES)

Music majors enjoy the flexibility to choose from many different tracks here at FAU. Students interested in music performance can concentrate on guitar, piano, vocal or instrumental options to hone their skills. Students who enjoy history, culture and music may find Jazz Studies as an interesting option to explore. The Music Department also offers a Music Education track for those interested in passing on their passion and skills to the next generation of musicians. Additionally, FAU is the only university to boast its own record label, Hoot/Wisdom., which is located on the main campus. Students can use this unique resource as a springboard for their music careers.

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Related Major Skills

Ability to read and write music
Performance techniques
Physical stamina
Ability to keep audience's interests
Ability to use various sound equipment
Adaptability and flexibility
Basic reading, writing, editing skills
Communication skills
Entertaining skills
Good stage presence
Observation skills
Singing/instrumental talents
Teaching Abilities

Sample Work Settings

Armed Forces
Art Galleries
Churches or Synagogues
Coffee Shops
Colleges and Universities
Concert Halls
Cruise Ships
Film Production Companies
Film Studios
Home Studio
Instrument Repair Shops
Instrument Stores
Multimedia and Videogame Companies
Music Libraries
Music Publishing Companies
Music Stores
Newspapers and Magazines
Private Parties or Events
Public School Systems
Recording Companies
Rehabilitation Centers
TV Studios
Theme Parks

 Last Modified 7/12/18