Contests that are rained out will not be replayed. Decisions on rainouts will be not be made until 3:30pm. Postponements due to inclement weather are made to protect the participants and the intramural sports fields


Florida Atlantic University has instituted a Thor Guard lightning prediction system to minimize the potential for lightning related injuries, it is recommended that when the warning system is activated (15-second horn blast), the area be cleared and activities not be resumed until the all-clear signal is given (3 short horn blasts). These alarm tones are distinctly different from any current public alarm tones. It is recommended that campus patrons and staff immediately seek shelter in their vehicles or the nearest building. If such shelter is unavailable, patrons should avoid areas that are higher than the surrounding landscapes, not to use a tree for shelter, and keep away from metal objects such as bicycles, golf carts, umbrellas, etc. If it is the opinion of the Campus Recreation staff that the weather situation is not safe, do not wait for horns to activate – CLEAR THE AREA! Take shelter in your vehicles/building anytime lightning is seen, or thunder is heard.

 Last Modified 1/9/15