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PURPOSE: To foster friendly competition between Greeks as they compete in an accumulation of points to determine the Fraternity/ Sorority Cup Champion for men and women.

How it is run: Teams must note that they are a Fraternity/ Sorority Team and what Organization(s) they represent when registering. We will NOT have separate leagues for Greeks and Independents. We will have Monday/ Wednesday and Tuesday /Thursday Competitive and Monday/ Wednesday and Tuesday/ Thursday Recreational as well as Women’s League and Co-Rec. Points will be awarded to teams based on how they finish amongst the other Fraternities/ Sororities in the Fraternity/ Sorority Cup Championship. Should a team in the race win an All Campus Championship that team will receive an extra 50 points per sport they win an All Campus Championship.


A. Fraternity/ Sorority teams are limited to current members in good standing in their organization that meet the intramural eligibility requirements.

B. Regardless of the number of teams entered by a particular fraternity or sorority, only one team in each division will be eligible to accumulate points. Any or all teams from a fraternity or sorority will receive deductions; however, the team that finishes highest per division in the playoffs will be the team that will accumulate the points.

C. When Competitive and Recreational leagues are offered, a Recreational league will only offer half as many points as the competitive league. Deductions will remain at the same level for all leagues.

D. Teams may have two teams (competitive and recreational) in a single gender sport as well as a Co-Recreational team. A Co-Rec team formed will receive the same point structure as a single gender sport. If the team is a combination of a fraternity and a sorority both teams will receive points as well as deductions.


A. A traveling cup for men and another for women will be awarded to the Fraternity/ Sorority Cup Champion. The cup will remain with the respective champions until the next year ends.


A. Entry Points


1. Entering a qualifying Fraternity/ Sorority team Competitive level event- 100pts.

2. Entering a qualifying Fraternity/ Sorority team Recreation level event- 50pts.

3. Entering a qualifying Fraternity/ Sorority individual or dual event- 25pts.


B. Standings Points


1. Team leagues (Recreation leagues receive half the listed points)

  • 1st place 300pts, 2nd place 200pts, 3rd place 100pts, 4th place 100pts, 5th place 50pts, 6th place 25pts

2. Individual or dual events

  • 1st place 75pts, 2nd place 50pts, 3rd place 25pts, 4th place 25pts, 5th place 15pts, 6th place 5pts

C. Additional Points


1. An additional 50 points are awarded to the winner of the ALL CAMPUS Championship.

2. Teams that receive 5’s in sportsmanship for the entire sport will receive an extra 50 points.

D. Deductions


1. Forfeits- In team events, teams will receive a (-50)

2. Ejections- Each ejected player will result in a (-50) point deduction for his/her team

3. Game with Sportsmanship below a 3 (-25) point deduction

4. Failure to attend an online captain’s meeting (-25) point deduction

 Last Modified 11/24/14