Eligibility rules for intramural sports are made to provide an opportunity for everyone to compete in a fair environment. The Department of Campus Recreation cannot assume responsibility for the eligibility of players, but will assist with questions of eligibility.

Students, Faculty and Staff

Only current FAU students and Rec Members are eligible to participate in the intramural sports program.
Faculty/staff, alumni, etc. must purchase a Campus Recreation membership before participation in intramural sports. This membership, along with a picture ID must be presented before participation in every intramural contest or activity.
All participants are responsible for the verification of their own eligibility.
All participants must present a valid Owl card prior to every scheduled intramural sports contest.  NO OWL CARD NO PLAY!
Participants may not represent more than one team in any sport, unless Co-Rec activities are offered. Individuals signed in on a team's scorecard will be considered to have played on that team, and will not be allowed to participate on any other team in that sport unless Co-Rec activities are offered.
Players playing on more than one team may serve a minimum two game suspension. Any team that allows an ineligible player to play will receive a loss for the game(s) in which the ineligible player participates.

Members of Varsity Teams or Sport Club Teams

Current or former members of any varsity intercollegiate team at FAU are not eligible for participation in the sport in which they participated or corresponding sports; i.e. baseball & softball, basketball & slam dunk, football & flag football, for one calendar year from the conclusion of the semester they last competed.
Varsity players are considered those participating in organized practice or any type of competition. Persons classified as “red-shirts” or those working out with the varsity teams shall be treated as varsity squad members. The “red-shirt” athlete or individual working out with a varsity team for any period of time during the intercollegiate season will be considered a varsity athlete for the entire intramural year.
A maximum of two former intercollegiate varsity team members or two current Sport Club members are allowed on any one intramural sports team provided they meet the above criteria.
 Last Modified 1/9/15