Flag Football Action


If an intramural participant is ejected from any intramural contest, s/he is immediately ineligible from further access to or competition in any intramural activity and other Campus Recreation programs or facilities until s/he is cleared by the Ejection Board and the Assistant Director for Sports and Competition. The Ejection Board will be comprised of Two Intramural Supervisors, The Graduate Assistant for that Sport, and Two Players from teams that do not play in the same league as the suspended party. A formal notice will be emailed to the ejected party notifying them of the ejection and the date and time of the meeting. Should the ejected party not be able to make the meeting they will have to wait until the next ejection board hearings. All games missed while waiting for the ejection board hearing will not count toward the suspension. Ejections for conduct that is physical or threatening in nature will be referred to Student Conduct for review.

 Last Modified 11/24/14