Recreation & Fitness Center General Guidelines

  1. All members must present a valid FAU Owl Card, Campus Recreation Membership pass or appropriate finger scan (if applicable) upon entry. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Entry to and exit from the facility must be through controlled access points only. Other exits should be used for emergencies only.
  3. Members attempting to help non-members illegally enter the facilities will have their membership suspended and risk forfeiture of membership.
  4. The areas within and around the Department of Campus Recreation are tobacco and smoke-free environments.
  5. Please be courteous to others and place trash in appropriate containers throughout facilities.
  6. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. used as transportation to and from facilities must be placed in designated racks located near entrances. Failure to comply may result in confiscation and/or removal of membership privileges.
  7. Please secure personal items in lockers and do not leave items unattended in the facility. Campus Recreation staff cannot guarantee the security of valuables, book bags or other personal articles left unattended. Report any incidents of theft or loss to the staff at the front desk.
  8. All recorded lost and found items are saved and stored in the lost & found located at the Rec Desk. All lost and found items are held for one week and are then sent to the University Police Department.
  9. Campus Recreation facilities or programs may not be used for private classes, personal training or any other activity associated with personal gain.
  10. Campus Recreation facilities, or a portion of, may be closed to members and guests upon occasion for maintenance and select University-related events.
  11. At various times throughout the semester, the Department of Campus Recreation will be taking digital images, photographs, and/or videotapes of patrons for educational, promotional and informational purposes for use in department related print material and on our website. When/if your likeness or image is used in publication, there will be no identifying information provided.
  12. Report all equipment, maintenance, safety problems or issues to Campus Recreation staff immediately. Do not use any equipment if in doubt of your safety.
  13. Language and behavior should be appropriate for a university setting.
  14. Alcoholic beverages and any other illegal substances are prohibited in facilities under the direct supervision of the Department of Campus Recreation.
  15. Membership privileges may be revoked or suspended for policy violation at any time.
  16. Rules for specific areas are posted on site as well as following this section. These rules may include more area specific rules that are not listed in the general rules. 

Fitness Center

  1. Users must be 18 years of age and in good physical condition.
  2. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (Par-Qs) are available at the Membership Desk.
  3. Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.
  4. Proper workout attire is mandatory for participation in facility. Patrons wearing jeans, dress pants, button-down shirts, skirts, dress shoes or open-toe shoes will be asked to leave.
  5. Dropping weights is prohibited.
  6. Olympic lifting is prohibited.
  7. Please limit the length of your workout when others are waiting.
  8. Cardiovascular machines will be limited to 30-minute sessions during high usage hours.
  9. Please clean and wipe off equipment/upholstery after each use.
  10. Always notify staff if you notice any broken, damaged or unsafe equipment.
  11. All Personal Trainers must be hired through the Campus Recreation Department.
  12. All equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed. Do not attempt to modify equipment.
  13. If you are unsure of how to use a piece of equipment for its intended purpose please ask a Fitness Center Staff Member for assistance.
  14. Personal belongings must be kept in a locker. The staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  15. Spotters are recommended and weight collars must be used on all lifts.
  16. Food and drink are not allowed with the exception of water in a closed container.
  17. FAU Rec staff reserves the right to implement any rules or guidelines that protect the health, safety and well being of the facility and its users.
  18. All patrons must comply with staff directives.  

Primetime Courts

  1. Appropriate attire is mandatory at all times. Shirts, proper athletic clothing and athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required on the courts. Bare feet, stocking feet, sandals, open-toed shoes, hard-soled shoes, or anything which compromises safety is prohibited, unless specifically instructed by class leader.
  2. Equipment is available for checkout on a daily basis at the Rec Desk.
  3. Hanging on the basketball rims is not permitted. Keep courts clear of bags and clothing.
  4. Damage to property and verbal or physical abuse is not tolerated; violators will be escorted out of the facility and subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Disassembling or moving equipment that has been set-up is not allowed. Ask a Facility Supervisor to set up or take down equipment.
  6. The gymnasium is primarily intended for basketball, volleyball and badminton. Other activities are permissible if considered safe and appropriate as determined by the Campus Recreation staff.  
  7. Sparing or practice with weapons is prohibited.
  8. Skateboards, long boards and other wheeled objects are not allowed on the courts.
  9. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis however full court participation has priority over small group or individual activities.
  10. No food or beverages are allowed on the courts except water in closed plastic containers.
  11. Courts are prioritized for informal recreation in sports of basketball, volleyball, and badminton.
  12. Priority times for volleyball and badminton are: Volleyball: Friday 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. and Friday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. during breaks, Badminton: Sunday noon - 2 p.m. Requests for volleyball and badminton equipment set-up during alternate times will be accommodated when possible.

Locker Room Guidelines

  1. Lockers may be purchased at the Campus Recreation Administrative Office.  A small number of day-use lockers are available in each locker room free of charge. Students and Members who use the day-use lockers must provide their own lock and remove belongings at the conclusion of each day.
  2. Trash must be placed in appropriate containers.
  3. It is recommended that patrons and guests do not leave valuables, such as money, wallets, watches, jewelry, etc., unattended in their lockers.
  4. All theft, vandalism or unusual situations should be reported to Campus Recreation staff or called in to the FAU police department at (561) 297-3500.
  5. The use of cameras is prohibited in the locker rooms.

Media Policies

Requests for photography or video of Campus Recreation participants or facilities must be made in advance to the Graduate Assistant of Marketing via email.  The following form must be turned in at least 24 hours in advance with the request.  Media Request Form and Waiver
Each individual in the picture or video must have a signed waiver and the Membership Office must obtain a copy of such forms.  Photographic devices may not be used in the locker rooms and restrooms. Personal privacy of participants must be respected, and participants can decline to be included in shots.  A Campus Recreation staff member must supervise any recording or photography in the Recreation and Fitness Center.  All other media issues/requests fall under the Office of Media Relations policies.

University Media Policies: Reporting and Filming on Campus
News Crews FAU welcomes the media to its campuses, centers and other locations. Members of the press are encouraged to contact the Office of University Communications before arriving at FAU. Prior clearance is needed to conduct interviews, to film or photograph inside campus buildings, residence halls/facilities, classrooms, or other restricted areas. Access to all locations may not be available at all times.

Commercial Crews
Commercial and student crews interested in filming on any of FAU's campuses should contact the Office of University Communications for permission and guidelines. Requests should be submitted in writing several weeks prior to the requested date, since proper paperwork, documentation, and review by other departments may be required.

The Office of University Communications may be reached at 561-297-3020. News crews should be directed to Lisa Metcalf. Commercial crews should be directed to Diego Meeroff. Please note that University policies and regulations remain in effect at all times.

 Last Modified 1/28/15