Sport Club donations can be deposited in the Foundation account either online or by check. If depositing funds online, the donor should select "Other" from the drop-down menu, and type in "SAF130-Club Name". Similarly, any checks should be made out to the "FAU Foundation", and the memo should contain " SAF130-Club Name ".

All donations should be reported to the Competitive Sports office, including name and donation amount. All donors will receive a receipt of their donation for tax deduction purposes.

Benefits associated with Foundation donations can be found on their website, and include:

  1. Funds carryover to next academic year
  2. No re-allocation of funds to other clubs
  3. Tax deductible
  4. Corporate matching

Clubs wishing to use funds from their Foundation account will follow similar processes to those used when spending Student Government allocated funds. For all equipment purchases, clubs must submit a Quote for approval and an Invoice at the time of payment. Please note that processing times can be up to four weeks, so submit all requests early. For travel purchases made through the Foundation account, complete the Notification of Travel, indicating which expenses should be paid from Foundation Account funds on the Budget Summary page.

 Last Modified 5/8/18