Recreational Programs

Team Building Programs will allow your team to explore team dynamics such as communication, trust, problem solving, enhancing decision making skills, leadership and more. We recommend you go with the half day or full day program. We hope the following will help you understand some of the decisions made by our facilitators, in conjunction with your group contact, to create your program. Please note, a program may include all or just some of the following things and requests for specific agendas should be communicated well in advance.

Energizers and Ice-Breakers

Hesitant about the day? Not sure what to expect? Not sure if you are able to do everything? You have nothing to worry about! We will begin the day “playing”. This allows the team to warm up the brain and let down barriers. Energizers and Ice-breakers will encourage participants to be silly, step out of their comfort zone and begin the learning process.

Portable and Low Elements

This is where most of the learning happens. Groups who really want to work on team development should expect to spend most of their program doing these elements. The group’s skills will be tested, group dynamics will be exposed, and leadership skills will emerge. Our facilitators will help identify key elements of group dynamics that can help the team interact in a different manner back at school, the office, classroom, or anywhere you interact. Large groups are typically divided into smaller groups of 10-12 participants. On the other hand, we recommend for groups to have a minimum of 10 people. It’s hard to say how long a certain element will take. The same element or initiative may take 10 minutes for one group and 45 minutes for another. This unique bonding experience will give participants insights into the dynamic of their team, open the door for growth or make a strong team even stronger.

High Elements

With over 10 individual climbs, 2 partnered climbs, 2 specialty elements and a zip line we are certain that you and your team will be both physically and mentally challenged. Whether you come with fear or excitement, we are sure to deliver those feelings and much more. Most high elements focus more on individual achievement, but we can still work on team goals such as support and encouragement. The number of participants, your goals, and the amount of time we spend together will determine how many elements you climb. Make sure you tell us your wants and needs so we can better accommodate you.

 Last Modified 6/7/19