Outdoor Challenge Course


Florida Atlantic University is home to the most comprehensive Challenge Course in South Florida. With over 30 low and high elements and numerous portables, we will customize an experiential based program for your organization and focus on your specific needs.

While each group has different goals, common program benefits include teamwork, communication, leadership, decision making and personal growth. Many times we have groups come to the course without a clear set of goals. This is not a problem. Other times we have groups that come to the course with a set of goals, but a different set of expectations for how the day will look. In conjunction with the goals expressed by your group contact, our facilitators create your day. Please note that requests for specific agendas or initiatives should be communicated well in advance.

With all the mud runs, obstacle courses, television shows like American Ninja, we also want to make clear that the mission of our course is personal and group development through the use of experiential learning theory.

FAU's Challenge Course is not a playground, or open climb facility. If you are interested in an event that is geared towards recreation, we suggest you look at booking our Climbing Center. More information can be found on the Climbing Center page.

For more information email outdoor@fau.edu or call 561-297-6110.

 Last Modified 2/16/15