FAU Affiliated Departments

FAU Departments


We are right in your buildings’ backyard!

We are inviting all departments, professors, deans, directors, faculty, and staff to bring your team out to the course for a day of team building or just set a time in your busy day to disconnect from the day to day tasks and enjoy the outdoors and learn more from each other. We all have secret skills that don’t get to come out in the office.

Some FAU teams that have come out are:

  • Lead & Serve
  • College of Medicine
  • FAU MBA Program
  • Owls Care
  • College of Engineering
  • Orientation Team
  • English Intensive Institute
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Learning Communities
  • College of Arts and Letters

We are in the education, leadership, and empowering industry. Whether we work directly with students of we lead a team that works directly with students come out to the course and go through an Experiential Learning experience that can help you lead and empower not only you team members but also all the students you are in contact with.

 Last Modified 6/5/19