Corporate and Community Groups

Corporate and Community Groups

Corporate and Community Groups

Are you a CEO of a company, manager, HR partner, member of a non-profit or private institution or a community member looking for a different activity to do with your team or a group of friends?

You have come to the right place! We have several options that we can offer you and if you don’t see what you are looking for, lets have a conversation and we will brainstorm ideas to accommodate your needs.

  • Beginning or end of the year retreat
  • Better communication in the work setting amongst workers
  • You just conducted a personality assessment and would like for the group to better understand the results and how to apply those results at work
  • Your organization is going trough a hard moment and you want to make sure your team stays strong together

We can also accommodate less work intensive groups and focus on:

  • Bonding time
  • Recovery groups
  • School age groups for field trips
  • Meet the new group that you are part of
  • Have fun with coworkers or friends
  • Host a party or any type of event

Whether the above describes your group or not, we can accommodate those needs and many more.



 Last Modified 6/5/19