Cash To Card

Florida Atlantic University allows OWL Card holders to use their cards as a debit card for on-campus purchases. The OWL Card is accepted as a payment option at Campus Copy, computer lab stations, select snack and beverage vending machines, and select copy machines.

FAU provides machines allowing users to add “value” to their OWL Card. The user inserts their OWL Card into the machine and adds an amount ranging from $1 to $20 at a time, up to a maximum of $100, to the card. Users may also add value to the card by visiting the OWL Card Center.

Select Cash to Card machines also dispense a rechargeable visitor card. The visitor card costs $1, and the purchaser receives a card that can be charged with amounts ranging from $1 to $20. The owner of this card enjoys all the debit program benefits of an OWL Card.

Cash to Card machines are on FAU's Boca Raton, Davie and Jupiter campuses at the following locations

Boca Raton Campus Location:

  • Business Building, outside Room 109
  • Wimberly Library, east and west Lobby
  • Glades Park Towers, near Front Desk
  • College of Medicine, Room 107
  • Student Union, Computer Lab Room 222
  • Oxley Center, Computer Lab **

Davie Campus Location:

  • Computer Lab, LA319
  • Student Union, Lounge
  • BC Library, 1st Floor

Jupiter Campus Location:

  • Library
** Not equipped with visitor card dispensers
 Last Modified 11/8/16