Meet our chefs Jeramie Garlick and Chris Marks.

About the Chefs

Jeramie Garlick, Regional Chef

Jeramie Garlick

Regional Chef

Born in London, U.K., Jeramie studied at L'Ecole d'Escoffier in Lyons, France and apprenticed in Paris (La Tour d'Argent). He gained his “Master Chef” credentials in 1989 and was accepted into the Academie Culinaire Francaise in 1990. Jeramie worked for Orient Express trains and cruises, including on the Venice Simplon Orient Express Train from London to Venice and the River Cruiser Road to Mandalay in Burma and China. Prior to joining the higher education dining industry, Jeramie was the Sous Chef at the White House for then-President Ronald Reagan during his first term. Before joining Chartwells, Jeramie was the Regional Chef at NYU in Manhattan, N.Y. He joined Chartwells in July 2011.

During his personal time, Jeramie enjoys fishing and scuba diving. His favorite dish to cook is Game Pie (pheasant, venison and wild boar) with redcurrant and meade cream. Jeramie says, “This dish dates back to the Medieval times and encompasses many culinary skills simultaneously. I always welcome its challenge – it's very fun to create!”

Chris Marks, Executive Catering Chef

Chris Marks

Executive Catering Chef

Chris was born and raised in Kent, Ohio. He began his culinary career while working as the campus chef at Kent State University, which was a self-operation at the time. After leaving Kent State, Chris took on another opportunity with Sheraton Hotels until 1996, when he moved to Jupiter, FL to fully enter into the hospitality industry. In Jupiter, Chris was the lead chef for numerous country clubs. In 2000, Chris became the private chef to several business executives and traveled the world. One of these notable executives was Donald Trump from 2007-2008. While working as the lead chef at the North Palm Beach Country Club, Chris seized an opportunity with Chartwells at Florida Atlantic University.

In his personal time, Chris enjoys visiting the beach or traveling. Chris' favorite dish to cook is Veal Ossobuco. Chris says, "This dish is simply a food of love. Often times, many people prefer quick meals – this dish takes time and patience to create, and it instigates a sense of appreciation when finished."

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