The School of Architecture’s Hammock Veil installation opens at FAU MetroLAB

Published Monday, March 9, 2015

The School of Architecture¹s Hammock Veil installation

Hammock Veil , a FAU School of Architecture installation inspired by the interaction between the water and the hardwood hammock in the Everglades, will be on exhibition March 9 to April 3, 2015 at the FAU Fort Lauderdale MetroLAB in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The rationale of the project aims to investigate the fusion of Art and Science in the field of Architecture, creating ‘hybrid’ manifestations of space.

The installation was completed February 21, 2015.

Suspended from the MetroLAB ceiling, it is a beautiful work of an illuminated family of acrylic topologies, or “spars”, according to Philip Beesley, the project consultant from the University of Waterloo.

The work is a result of a collaborative effort begun in 2014, when FAU School of Architecture Associate Professors Mate Thitisawat and Emmanouil Vermisso were awarded $25,000 from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) for a proposal titled “Interdisciplinary Collaboration on Prototyping for Responsive Kinetic Design”.

Hammock Veil is inspired by the Everglades, to be more specific, by the interaction between Water and the Hardwood Hammock. The project is a part of our elective course titled 'Performative Parametric Design’,” explains Professor Mate Thitisawat. “Professional practice issues are also addressed through collaborative efforts with BRPH, a local architectural firm, Centria, a Philadelphia-based steel manufacturer, and various experts. The class focuses on developing responsive kinetic components using micro-controllers, sensors and actuators.  It combines building performance simulation with parametric modeling techniques, and explores automated design workflows. This installation allows our students to explore different issues covered in the class and prepares them for their final projects, which will also be on display in a public exhibition.”

The NCARB Award supports initiatives that will have a long-term impact on students, faculty and curriculum. By forming a partnership with an architecture firm and a manufacturer, the NCARB Award is designed to help schools implement new programs that bridge the gap between practice and education in a classroom, seminar or studio setting.

In addition to Associate Professor Mate Thitisawat and Associate Professor Emmanouil Vermisso, the team included one interactive architecture consultant (Philip Beesley from Philip Beesley Architect, Inc.), one lighting consultant (Jerry Seay from Zenith Lighting Inc.), 15 students and about five active volunteers that are responsible for the creation of the Hammock Veil installation.

The collaborative effort and design processes ideated by Professor Emmanouil Vermisso and Professor Mate Thitisawat of FAU's School of Architecture, and Professor Philipe Beesley of the University of Waterloo were tremendous,” said John Sandell, Director of FAU’s School of Architecture. "They helped bring about an energy and synergy among students and faculty that was simply magnificent. The visual results are no less intriguing. Hammock Veil reveals an architecture where a mathematical, mechanical, industrial system melts into an unforeseen naturalistic expression."

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