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For additional information contact Maggie Gunther; 954.762.5275 or 

Groups of all ages are welcome to visit the exhibit during studio hours and at other times, by appointment. Please contact Maggie Gunther to arrange your visit.



MARCH 2013
Evoking Meaning

January 2013:

HDR Photography by Derek Slagle

HDR Tree

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is a growing and increasingly popular technique in photography.  This technique uses multiple  photographs of the same scene at different exposures to create a single picture with a greater dynamic range than what is typically seen in single exposure photographs. This post-processing task, with the aid of software, allows for photographs with greater details, shadows and highlights that aims to accomplish in a photograph what the human eye can accomplish in real-life.  The work exhibited uses this technique for numerous landscape and cityscape photographs.

Derek Slagle is a PhD student in Public Administration at FAU and is a photographer in his downtime.  His work has been licensed by Getty Images, displayed at Art Basel Miami and published in various art journals and formats.

The exhibit is open through January during Studio hoursand by appointment. 




Special thanks to Walter Delaney for:
"Small Works on Canvas and Paper" December 2012

Retired FAU Art faculty member, Walter Delaney, exhibits more than 70 Small Works at FAU's Second Avenue Studio.

A note from the artist:
The 36 framed drawings, all on paper, are in either one of two media: some are done with quill (yes, a feather) in ink while others are done in pencil, and range in size from  9" x 12" to 14" x 18". There are also 40 framed oil paintings, most of them are on canvas, and they range in size from 4" x 5" to 9" x 12". Most of the frames, known as plein aire frames, are handmade with applied gold leaf. Most of the drawings and paintings were done on site. All of the work has been done since my last show at the Second Avenue Studio in 2009.

Small Works



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