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Committed to Improving
Health and Wellness

> We are actively engaged in research activities aiming to find cures for cancer, combat heart disease and eye disease, and better understand issues of aging. 

> We are exploring the sea and sea life for the purpose of creating new medicines and discovering new cures.

> We are taking music into hospitals, hospice and children's homes to promote healing.

> We have created school-based community wellness centers which embrace whole communities who have no access to healthcare.

Programs & Initiatives

Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
Features state-of-the-art research facilities with access to extensive imaging facilities (EEG & fMRI).  Various research and training programs at the center blend emerging concepts from complex dynamical systems with experimental techniques at the molecular, cellular, behavioral and cognitive levels in brain science.

Center of Excellence in Biomedical and Marine Biotechnology
Combines expertise in ocean engineering, marine biotechnology, functional genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.  Researchers at the center are designing technologies to explore the sea, discovering new medicines from the sea and developing new therapeutics to combat agents of bioterrorism.

Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Creates a strong base in molecular biology, functional genomics and related fields; maintains cutting-edge research; and trains students in this discipline to prepare them for careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Charles E. Schmidt College of Biomedical Science Simulation Center
Provides disaster and emergency healthcare training and advanced medical education for the community.

Christine E. Lynn Center for Caring
Humanizes care through the integration of teaching, research and service.

Initiative for Intentional Health
Provides education and dialogue and gathers evidence to uncover outcomes as a result of holistic nursing practice.

Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center
Offers a comprehensive array of innovative services and therapeutic programs specific to the needs of individuals with memory problems and their families.

Nursing Leadership Institute
Provides education that incorporates the art and science of caring nursing leadership designed to help nursing leaders develop competencies to provide caring and supportive environments for their staff and patients.


Charles E. Schmidt College of Biomedical Science

Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

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