Request a Key or Card Access
  1. Complete the Key/Card Access Request Form and get an approval signature from your Dean or Department Head.

  2. For Davie, Fort Lauderdale fax, deliver or send completed form to:

    Jane Morgan (LA-212B, Fax 6-1283)

    For Dania Beach/SeaTech send completed form to:

    Anastasia Calnick (EG-102, Fax 7-3885)

  3. If requesting a key, you will be called when it is ready to be picked up. Pickup locations are:

    1. Davie & Fort Lauderdale - Jane Morgan (LA-212B, Voice 6-1282)
    2. Dania Beach/SeaTech - keys will be delivered to Department secretary for distribution

  4. For card access, you will be called when the card is activated in the system.

  5. If you are leaving FAU or no longer need a particular key, return it to Jane Morgan. If you are leaving or no longer need card access entry to a particular location, notify Jane Morgan.

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