Message from Trustee Chair Nancy Blosser

Welcome, Trustees, to the Florida Atlantic University

Board of Trustees 2010 Annual Retreat Homepage

Welcome, Trustees, to the 2010 Board of Trustees Retreat homepage.   In anticipation of this year's retreat, I am pleased to once again provide a website designed to facilitate our meeting agenda.  

One of the topics on our 2010 Retreat Agenda will include Board and Board member assessment.  In order to determine your perceptions in this important area and allow us to summarize responses, I ask that you complete a pre-retreat electronic survey.  Your anonymous responses will be collected and the resulting summary will be presented and discussed at our meetings. 


To take the survey, click on the link "Pre-retreat Survey" located on the left menu bar on this page.  Once you access the survey, please review and respond to questions as directed.  A space for additional comments is provided following each section of questions.  Comments are optional, but strongly encouraged.  When you have completed the survey, hit the "Submit" button and your responses will be recorded. 


Thank you for your assistance by taking the time to complete this survey.  The results will be very helpful in determining our next steps as our Board makes continued progress in seeing Florida Atlantic University become a university of first choice. 


Please feel to contact Mary Mertz at 561.297.0745 or at should you have any questions.


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