Body and Technology Conference Speakers

Cheryl Akner-Koler, “Scale Interlacing Method Between Nano to Macro”

Jeffrey Bardzell, “Somaesthetic Interaction: The Body and Cultural Approaches to User Experience”

Else Marie Bukdahl,“The impact of modern technology on contemporary art projects with a social and meliorist goal”

Luna Dolezal, “Body Malleability and the Case of Aimee Mullins”

Joan Forry, “Barefoot Running, Anti-Technology, and Somaesthetic Pathology”

Francis Halsall, “Luhmann and Somaesthetics”

Joachim Hamou,“The Juridical Body in the Technological Courtroom”

Kristina Höök, “Designing for Somatic Awareness and Mastery: the Affective Health Case”

John Hunter, “The Resurrected Cinematic Body and Digital Technology, or, Why You Don’t Only Live Twice”

Rachel Hurst, “North American Colonial Photography and the Disavowal of Interstitial Space”

Ron Judy, “Disciplined Desire: the Taoist Arts Erotica and ‘Technologies of the Self’”

Caroline Kisiel,“A Tale of Three Technologies Immediacy and Distance in the Adult Body Learner”

Lian Loke, “Intimate Aesthetics and Facilitated Interaction”

Joe Marshall, “Mobile Interactive Devices Do Not Exist”

Fred Maus, “Musical Technologies of Disembodiment and Embodiment”

Winifred Newman, “Body as Experiment”

Amy Rust, “Extraction and Exchange: The Zoom and Environmental Intension”

Thecla Schiphorst, “Applying Somaestherics to Embodied Technology Design: Somatic Connoisseurship and its Application to Aesthetic Experience”

Stale Stenslie, “Technologies of Touch”

Petra Sundstrom, “Somaesthetics, Interaction, Design, and Engineering”

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