Who We Are

The BCDC is a collaboration between faculties and students within the College for Design and Social Inquiry

Francis Lyn, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, FAU

Deirdre Hardy, Professor
Chair, School of Architecture, FAU

Jaap Vos, Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, FAU

The following individuals helped to develop and test the mission and programs of the BCDC:

Anthony Abbate, Professor and Associate Provost for Broward Campuses, FAU
Katherine Barry, HOMES Inc. and BAND Coalition
George Gadson, South Florida Regional Resource Center
Gloria Katz, Knight Fellow, Smart Growth Partnership
Peter Magyar, Professor, School of Architecture, FAU
Sandra Martin Seals, Lennar Corporation
James Murley, Executive Director, CUES
Aron Temkin, Associate Professor, FAU