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Joel Costa completed his Bachelor's degree at Florida Atlantic University in 2013, majoring in philosophy and minoring in history.  For Joel, philosophy has always been a very personal existential endeavor. His interest in the discipline has always been motivated by a passionate search for knowledge, and he devoted my efforts to studying it because he believed it to be a worthwhile task - namely, a consistent search for knowledge about ourselves, as human beings in history, and our interaction with reality.  Joel is currently pursuing a Master's degree at Yale University, focusing on religious belief, ethics and politics within a postcolonial and post-foundationalist framework. His goal is to either complete a Doctoral program and teach philosophy and religion at an institution of higher learning or, perhaps, to pursue a career in ministry and social advocacy.

Kalyn Hoggard graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2010, with a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Afterwards, he continued his undergraduate endeavor at Florida Atlantic University, from which he graduated magna cum laude in 2012, with a degree in philosophy. While pursuing his B.A. in psychology, Kalyn focused on cognition, learning, and behavior, which sparked questions that ultimately led him into the study of philosophy.  Kalyn's plans for the future involve graduate studies that focus on philosophy and education. He hopes to one day, serve as a cornerstone educator in public schools and as a passionately involved member of his community.

Allison Tanner is currently finishing her senior year at Florida Atlantic University as an undergraduate philosophy major.  Allison was motivated to study philosophy by the practical benefit of developing strong critical and analytic thinking skills. She was also drawn to the field by the broad spectrum of intriguing questions that philosophers discuss and seek to answer, particularly those concerning ethics.  Upon graduation from FAU, Allison plans to pursue a dual degree program in law and in either biomedical or environmental ethics.



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