SEWSA 2015: "Which Lane Now? Queer Crossings and Intersections"

 (Since the CFP deadline has passed, the LGBTQ Caucus is no longer accepting submissions.)


Considering traffic in its context of mobility and movement, and the conference theme of embodiment, the LGBT Caucus of SEWSA invites paper abstracts and panel proposals examining possible directions for the burgeoning movement for LGBTQ justice and equality.

The marriage movement, while making some LGBT issues more visible than ever, and dramatically increasing the number of allies working for LGBT causes, has been called out for its race and class biases, embrace of heterosexist norms, and erasure of trans concerns. With the apparent inevitability of marriage equality (even if it is a slow inevitability), what is next for the LGBTQ community? Borrowing from North Carolina’s recent Moral Monday slogan, how do we continue moving “Forward Together, Not One Step Back?” What are the new frontiers and movements within the queer community and culture? How do we move forward as a collective, maintaining our sense of momentum, yet continuing to broaden our inclusiveness? Into which lanes will the traffic of activism flow?

  • Suggested topics/approaches:
  • Replacing ENDA
  • Queering of social justice movements
  • Cripping queer activism
  • Making space accessible for trans/gender variant individuals
  • Queer economies and economic traffic
  • Embracing queer needs for bodily autonomy in reproductive justice moments
  • The continued movement and fluidity on spectrums of gender and sexuality
  • “____” is the new gay
  • LGBTQ incarceration and violence
  • Title IX and queering sexual violence prevention movements on campuses


It has been twenty years since the publication of the second version of Sandy Stone’s watershed essay, “The ‘Empire’ Strikes Back: A Posttransexual Manifesto.” Essays that consider the significance of this essay and how it helped move the trans movement forward are welcomed.

Suggested topics/approaches:

  • The importance of this essay in creating space for trans issues in feminism
  • Transnationality
  • Transnational violence
  • Response to “hate crimes”
  • Shifting and evolving vocabularies of trans survival and existence
  • Trans bodies as sites for anticolonial struggles



Please e-mail individual proposals of 250 words in a Word document by the October 15, 2014 deadline to Amy Schlag, LGBTQ Caucus Chair,,  with the subject line "SEWSA LGBT Caucus 2015."  Please attach a separate 100-word bio, complete with author’s name, pronoun preferences, and institutional/organizational affiliation. SEWSA 2015 will be hosted by FAU and held at the Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida on March 26-29, 2015.