Gina Carreno


Gina Carreño-Lukasik

Senior Instructor of Sociology

Phone: (561) 297-1218
Office: CU 267/Boca Campus

Research: Medical sociology, stratification and social inequality, sociology of families, organizations and institutions.
Teaching: Sociological perspectives, human sexuality and social change.

Gina Carreno-Lukasik is Senior Instructor of Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. She regularly teaches Sociological Perspectives (SYG 1000) and Human Sexuality and Social Change (SYP 3060). She also has taught Medicine and Society (SYA 4930), Family and Society (SYO 4100), Social Problems (SYG 2010), and Men, Women, and Work (SYO 4370). She also teaches Learning Strategy and Human Development (SLS 1503) for first-year students in the Arts and Letters Learning Community. In the future she hopes to develop and teach courses on disability and society as well as animals and society. Dr. Carreno-Lukasik aims to introduce students to the basic concepts within sociology and its subfields, help students use their sociological imagination to analyze current social problems as well as examine their own lives, and develop their critical thinking as well as verbal and written communication skills. She tries to foster her students’ sensitivity to diversity (race-ethnicity, gender, sexuality, social class, age, disability, etc.). In short, she hopes that her courses not only introduce students to the discipline of sociology but also help them become more informed and empathic human beings. Carreno-Lukasik has received an Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching Award, and she twice was nominated for Distinguished Teacher of the Year.

Carreno-Lukasik’s publications have been used in undergraduate classes. In “Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Hate Crimes” in Crime as a Social Problem (2012), she examines hate crimes motivated by an individual’s actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. In her article she begins with an overview of hate crimes, highlighting how these types of crimes differ from non-bias crimes. Then she provides a statistical picture of violence against LGBTQA individuals, explaining why it is important to be careful when consulting these statistics. Next she explores some causes of LGBTQA hate crimes, moving from the characteristics of individual perpetrators to the broader cultural context in which these crimes occur. Finally, she discusses experiences of hate crimes, highlighting the effects of these crimes on both the victims themselves as well as on society in general. Other publications by Carreno-Lukasik include Themes of the Times for Social Activism/Social Change: A Collection of Articles from The New York Times for Use with Your Allyn and Bacon Text (2005), in which she, along with Greg Lukasik, compiled relevant articles from the New York Times and drafted guiding questions for each article. In Study Guide for Our Unsystematic health Care System (2003), she and Allen Imershein created an online study guide for Florida State University students enrolled in Sociology of Health Care.

In addition to her teaching and research,Carreno-Lukasik regularly serves as a Faculty Mentor in Florida Atlantic University’s AcCESS program, which aids second-year students in their academic as well as career goals. Faculty meet with students in a panel/roundtable format, in which they address the following questions: What makes a student more successful in the classroom? What are things that students could be doing to prepare for the world of work? What is the biggest misconception students tend to have about faculty members? Instructor Carreno-Lukasik also regularly participates in Passport to FAU, an Orientation for first-year students, and she is the Faculty Advisor for Eat for Tomorrow, a student organization focused on encouraging children to strive for a healthier lifestyle through activities such as gardening and eating healthily. Outside FAU, Carreno-Lukasik cherishes spending time with her husband Greg, daughter Natalia, and cat Princess.