Internships: Eligibility Requirements

The School of Communication & Multimedia Studies has limited internships for credit available for students who meet the following requirements. Please note that these requirements reflect School policy and ineligible students need not apply.

  1. The student must be of junior or senior standing.

  2. The student must be a communication major, although minors who have completed their communication requirements and otherwise meet the criteria may apply.

  3. The student must have no less than a 2.50 overall grade point average and a 3.00 in the communication major, having completed a minimum of 18 credits in the major prior to the semester of internship.

  4. Students must receive positive recommendations from all faculty members with whom they have enrolled for courses at FAU.

  5. The student must attend an internship workshop prior to completing the application procedure. Workshops last for two hours and are scheduled at staggered times for student convenience. Students are free to enroll in a workshop at any time during their years at Florida Atlantic University, although it is probably best to attend a workshop during the semester immediately preceding the semester when the student expects to begin an internship.