Internships: Application Procedures

  1. Attend an internship workshop during the semester prior to the time you wish to begin an internship. Workshop dates are posted on the internship homepage.

  2. After attending the workshop, complete the application form and submit it to the internship director. The accompanying legal waiver form should also be signed and submitted to the internship director at the same time.

  3. After completing the application and waiver forms, contact the internship director for an interview. During this interview, professional objectives and placement opportunities will be discussed. At this time contacts to possible placements will be discussed and interview introduction forms distributed. The student may also wish to take the opportunity to do further investigation into possible placements and schedule a subsequent appointment with the internship director.

  4. Once a student interviews with a particular placement, he/she must keep the internship director advised regarding the status of the application.

  5. Upon accepting an offer of internship position, the student should have the agency's internship director complete and sign the Employer/Agency Registration form, and submit it immediately to the internship director in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies.