Congrats 2020 scms grads!

link to videoCongratulations 2020 SCMS Graduates! You are amazing! All of your hard work has paid off. You are a college graduate! Go Owls. 
You have earned this. Athough you cannot walk across the stage right now, you have done something incredible. You ARE a college graduate. Congrats—we are proud of you!YOU DID IT! Here at SCMS, even though we can't be with you, we ARE celebrating YOU!


Spring 2020 Graduate Students Receiving Their MA/MFA

grads doing their thing

Above, from left, Monisha Ramachendran Selvaraj (MFA in Media, Technology, and Entertainment), Tana Le (MA in Communication), and Brandon Martinez (MFA in Media, Technology, and Entertainment).

Below, from left, Jordan Bowles (MA in Communication), screen capture from "Homebound," VR-experience created as collaborative prototype for theses by Brandon Martinez and Alberto Alvarez Arias, both MFA in Media, Technology and Entertainment. Far right, Alberto Alvarez Arias on virtual production set for "Homebound."

more grads

Congratulations, Class of 2020!