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Andrew Tinker 
Mr. Andrew Tinker, ABD, Duquesne University, M.Phil., M.Th., University of Edinburgh M.A., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Phone: 561-297-0042 
Areas of Expertise: Communication/Rhetorical Ethics, Philosophy of Communication, Communication/Rhetoric and Economics, Media Literacy

Andrew Tinker teaches communication & rhetorical studies in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies. He is soon to complete his Ph.D. dissertation on human communication ethics and economics at Duquesne University under the direction of Ronald C. Arnett. His work has been published in the Journal of Dialogue Studies and he has contributed to An Encyclopedia of Communication Ethics: Goods in Contention (Peter Lang, 2018). Among his current research interests are the communication ethics of John Stuart Mill, globalization and digital communication theory, and the use of shock as a rhetorical tactic. 

He also currently serves as an assistant editor for the Journal of Communication and Religion and as the Vice Chair for the Philosophy & Ethics of Communication Interest Group of the Southern States Communication Association. He has presented papers at numerous conferences on communication studies and was awarded the Donald Clark Edwards Service Award by the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies at Duquesne University.


SPC 3235 - 003: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

SPC 3235 - 004: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

SPC 4680 - 002: Rhetorical Criticism

COM 4411: Rhetoric, Aesthetics, & Contemporary Culture

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