Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters




Dean's Office Due Dates 2017-2018


Chair/Director Responsibilities


Department Chair & Program Director Expectations  


Credentialing Wizard


Credentialing Manual (revised 5/15)

Transcript Procedures  




Facilities Use Agreement

Facilities Use Application

Key Assignment and Return Policy

Key Log





Adjunct Handbook 2015

Adjunct Teaching Evaluation Rubric

Policy & Procedures for Adjunct Teaching Evaluation


Annual Report

2016 Annual Faculty Report Template

2016 Annual Administrative Report Template

Annual Report Evaluation Definitions (2015)

Annual Appraisal of Progress Toward Tenure


Faculty Assignment-Activity Report

Faculty Assignment Guidelines (7/15)

Annual Assignment - Suggested Cover Letter

Annual Assignment - Service

FAIR Activity Report Contact Hour Cheat Sheet  




Faculty Absence Notification Form

Paid Parental Leave Request Form

Travel Reimbursement Form

Guest Lecturer Release Form

Photo & Video Release Form

Report of Outside Employment

Request to Remove Property Form


Grant Application Procedures and Policies


Grant Submission Policies and Guidelines

Grant Application Process Outline

Grant Application Flow Chart  




Model Letters for Hiring

Hiring Advertising - Required Text

Policy on Courtesy Faculty Appointments

Policy on Qualifications of Instructors

Position Approval Form

Request for Faculty Search  2016-2017

Tenure Track Search Guidelines 2016-2017


Instruction/Student Information


Course Syllabi Guidelines

Definition of a Credit Hour

Academic Integrity Process

Change of Grade Instructions

Class Meetings and Final Exam Policy

Field Trip Waiver Form

Grievance Procedures for Grade Reviews

How Long and What Course Materials to Keep

Incident Report Procedure

Signature Flow for All Students (Undergrad & Grad) in College of Arts & Letters

Students in Crisis Guide

Distance Learning Scope and Policies  


Promotion & Tenure


P & T Calendar

Faculty Mentoring Policy

DFSCAL Instructor Promotion Guidelines

Instructor Promotion Provost Policy

P & T Third Year Review Guidelines  

P & T Third Year Review Process

P & T Unit Principles (5/2015)

Sustained Performance Evaluation Memo

Tenure Timeline Notices (1/2015)


Portfolio Guidelines


Nominee Portfolio Cover Sheet

Tenure-Track Portfolio Guidelines for 2017-2018

Non-Tenure-Track Portfolio Guidelines for 2017-2018

Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae P&T Portfolios 


Policies and Procedures


Collective Bargaining Agreement 2015-2018

FAU Strategic Plan (2015 -2025)

New Academic Degree and Other Program Approval 

Accreditation Procedures 

Policy on Emeritus Faculty

Children in the Workplace Policy

Course Cross-Listing Policy

Tenure-Seeking Course Releases Policy

Workplace Injuries Policy and Procedures

Key Request Procedures





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